Energy Generation and Distribution


    Autonomous bolt pretension measurement for wind turbines using EMAT technology
    In Progress
  • BladeBUG (2OC)
    Reduce the complexity and risk of offshore wind turbine maintenance through the use of an adaptable and universal robotic system
    In Progress
  • DRONE4PV (1OC)
    To develop a new product to the market for optimizing O&M activities at utility-scale PV plants by combining automated aerial inspections with data analytics from operational SCADA systems.
    The first ROV-based solution for acoustic leaks detection which reduces inspection time by 2, increases detection rate and is easy-to-use.
    Robotized cleaning system through ultrasonic waves at Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic plants
    In Progress
  • SPARC I&M (2OC)
    SPARC I&M solution paves the way towards a new holistic approach for solar panels autonomous cleaning and inspection
    In Progress
  • T-IRIS (2OC)
    A twin-integrated solution to tackle the complexity of robotic inspection integration in industrial sites.
    In Progress
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