Report on Safety, Regulatory and Liability Issues for Operating Inspection and Maintenance Robots in the European Union

Wed, February 03, 2021
Review of legal frameworks, standards and best practices in verification and assurance for infrastructure inspection robotics
This new report provides a single point of reference on the safety, regulatory and liability issues for operating inspection and maintenance robots in the European Union.
There is currently no single framework to regulate robotics technology in Europe. Different types of robots, depending on where they operate (e.g. which Member State and whether in the air, on land, or in the waters), may be subject to various existing laws or regulations on the international, European Union, and Member State levels.
This report reviews legal frameworks for robotic infrastructure inspection and maintenance, along with relevant standards and best practices in development, verification and assurance. It captures the best practices for:
  • achieving safety assurance
  • meeting existing regulatory standards
  • addressing legal risks
  • dealing with potential liability issues