Currently, human inspectors enter explosive atmospheres subjected to strict restrictions -including emptying and venting. Fuel released in this operation creates an environmental impact with a significant carbon footprint in addition to the associated cost. However, the main cost of these inspections is associated to the stop time. San Jorge Tecnológicas has recently, developed a new technology that will provide a unique solution to this problem: A pneumatic ATEX-compatible flying drone.  The flying drone is especially thought for the inspection of hazardous facilities such as the inner part of a deposit, oil, and gas holding vessels or other confined containers with volatile and potentially explosive atmospheres. The drone is specifically designed for IECEX Class 1 Division 1 or ATEX Zone 0. Besides, it can face the most extreme temperatures and even bounces off the container wall to the surface without damage and without loss of control.



Project Status
September 20, 2021