Lingsoft is one of the key Language Technology and Language Management service providers in Europe. The company makes available a wide variety of language technology solutions and language services, designed for the analysis, processing and utilization of written and spoken language. Our technologies are making the text FAIR - Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable in on-line society. Founded in 1986, Lingsoft is a reliable, experienced and innovative partner. Lingsoft Group consists of 6 companies with a consolidated turnover of about 12,5 million euros in 2018. Lingsoft Oy is part of Lingsoft Group. With its teams of language technology experts, it focuses on the continuous development of company’s core technologies that have become a de-facto standard of language analysis. Lingsoft’s analysers and proofing tools are in use in millions of computers worldwide. Lingsoft's core technologies and solutions have been tested among tens of millions of users around the world.
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