Framence GmbH Digital Twins
Berliner Ring 103 Bensheim 64625 Germany
FRAMENCE is a German software company founded in 2019 knowing that three-dimensional photorealistic digital twins can yield large benefits for the operations of buildings, assets, and technical installations. In order to benefit from such a digital twin, its creation has to be quick, easy and economical. This is why we have developed a revolutionary method. Using simple photos only, our AI-powered software automatically generates three-dimensional photorealistic digital twins. These twins can be accessed using any web browser allowing you to be on-site in seconds. The hybrid Framence platform allows for integration of many different types of asset data directly inside the photorealistic model. Together with ANYbotics, a Swiss company providing robotic solutions for industrial inspections, Framence is part of the 2nd Open Call by RIMA. The project T-IRIS aims to combine the benefits of a photorealistic digital twin platform with the robotic inspection capabilities of the ANYmal.
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