Blue Atlas Robotics' autonomous underwater inspection robot, the BAR15, uses computer vision and autonomous navigation to efficiently inspect large underwater structures. 
Today, inspections use an ROV or diver. In both cases, the area inspected is documented in a non-uniform way, where issues could be missed, and an expert is still required to watch hours of video to get an overview of conditions or find faults. Our system inspects large areas in a stable, consistent, and highly repeatable pattern to produce a seamless 3D model of the entire scanned area for quick maintenance. 

The BAR15 can currently inspect flat or slightly rounded surfaces, such as ship hulls, and produce visual 3D models. This RIE will develop BAR15 into a system that can inspect most underwater port structures, including quay walls, corners, round structures, and locks. Our data will integrate with 3D sonar data collected by LE34, who can facilitate our data delivery as part of an existing service to customers.



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February 28, 2022