Proper Inspection & Maintenance (I&M) in the industrial sector is key to keep these infrastructures working. However, I&M are costly operations, need accuracy, good planning and effectiveness; by deploying several remote mobile platforms, as MIMIC suggests, the efficiency of the I&M teams is increased and have a greater situational awareness of the infrastructure using VR; maintenance operations take place via the same platforms, while the personnel acts physically only when this is absolutely necessary. In MIMIC, a demo of an operator doing I&M tasks remotely using VR, with a mobile platform being physically at a defined location, interacting with mockups of valves, buttons and other interfacing components usual for oil, gas and chemical industries, is envisioned. Successful performance of MIMIC shall establish the concept to TRL7, and prove that it is interesting and lucrative for the industry, while the robotic ecosystem shall benefit further by
widening its area of applications.



Project Status
In Progress
February 25, 2022