Chemin de la Dent d’Oche 1b Ecublens 1024 Switzerland

Time2Market is a Swiss company publishing the TotalYmage software platform that significantly improves the efficiency and safety of field operators, and increases the profitability of operations. Technical teams, whether they are on the field or in the office, are able to share video twins of their distant facilities and equipment to manage them and collaborate remotely. Images are quickly captured with 360° video cameras, and act as a common visual repository for teams without the need to know the assets beforehand, nor to physically travel there. Spatial anchors can be selected to attach in a few clicks 3D-positioned overlays in the captured images to document accurately an equipment or to report issues. The spatialization of information allows access to relevant documents and real time data in their context. Equipment and facility management is eased, requiring less travel and on-site presence, and allowing teams to better train team members, understand situations, analyze and report issues. Time2Market currently develops new capabilities under the RIMA - REALIGNED project to perform autonomous inspections with a robotic solution equipped with a 360° video camera and sensors to measure data, detect and analyze issues, and report them automatically in the captured images.

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