Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)
Iroon Politechniou, 9 Zografou, Athens 157 73 Greece

The Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (ICCS) is a non-profit academic research body established in 1989 that focus on areas of telecommunications, computer systems and application equipment (platforms, sensors, VR/AR, etc), physical models and AI algorithms. Within ICCS, i-Sense Research group, consisting of 90 personnel members, is very active in areas related to, e.g., Smart Integrated Systems, Sensor networks, emergency communications, Communication protocols and gateway design and implementation, etc. I-Sense Research group has been participating in series of EU projects, gaining experience in critical positions (e.g. Project Coordination, Technical and Quality & Risk manager, etc.). In particular, i-Sense has been involved in 20 successfully accomplished projects. 55 running projects (11 as PC), with the main activities to be oriented in the deployment of data gathering systems, geospatial data management systems, integration of those technologies in the Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) context and the development of computer vision solutions.

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