Seminar - Focus on Clean Energy: The Impact of Robotics for I&M

Seminar - Focus on Clean Energy: The Impact of Robotics for I&M

RIMA Network and SPRINT Robotics will co-host “Focus on Clean Energy: The Impact of Robotics for I&M”.

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The race is on to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Clean energy is gathering speed and industries are rapidly shifting their focus to new markets.

Robotics for I&M are poised to play a significant role in the transition to clean energy, as on- and offshore wind energy are undergoing a period of explosive growth and solar is one of the fastest-growing renewable power sources. Wind and solar farms present significant opportunities for use I&M robotics, helping to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase safety and productivity.

The seminar “Focus on Clean Energy: The Impact of Robotics for I&M” captures synergies and best practices between on- and offshore wind, solar, and hydroelectrics, exploring the role I&M robotics can play in reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a clean energy future.


Keynote presentations by Asset Owners

Andy Morris, EDF – “EDF Energy: Wind Energy Challenges”
Guilherme M. Pinto and Ambroise Wattez, SBM Offshore – “Ocean Energy – Safe, affordable and sustainable energy for generations to come”

Robotics for Offshore Wind

Martyn Tulloch, OGTC – “The Future Energy Vision of the North Sea”
Gautier Dreyfus, Forssea Robotics – “Smart Robotics for the Offshore Clean Energy Market: How the Argos ROV is revolutionizing I&M tasks for Wind Farm operators”

Robotics for Onshore & Offshore Wind

Eric Engelbrecht, TNO – “i-Botics initiative and SUbsea enhanced REality – SURE – program”
Steve Strachan, Sensor Networks– “Installed UT Sensors for Continuous Asset Integrity Monitoring of Critical Wind Turbine Components”

Robotic Innovation Challenges

Luísa Amorim and Andry Pinto – Atlantis H2020
RIMA Challenges:

  • AeroDefectScan by Rovimatica
  • DRONE4PV by Isotrol
  • Leaks Buster by NOTILO PLUS
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(UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
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