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United Systems Europe (USE) is a non-for-profit organisation with the objective to contribute to the creation and growth of a safe, harmonized, sustainable and societally acceptable European market for manually operated, automated & autonomous vehicle (MAA) systems in the aerial, terrestrial, nautical and space domains. MAA systems are among the major technological & industrial developments of the 21st century. They have multiple applications and the limit of their potential is still undefined. However, the dispersion of the stakeholders and initiatives of this new industry is a major obstacle to its development. Several countries have created platforms for exchange between the public authorities and this new industry, but the implementation of the new European regulation concerning civilian drones has revealed a strong need for consultation between multiple stakeholders on a European level. In response to this need, USE proposes, in cooperation & coordination with all the stakeholders in the drone ecosystem, and without the duplication of any ongoing efforts, to contribute to the development of the European MAA systems market.
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