SENSE Software
Obrzezna 1F/6U9 Warsaw 02-691 Poland
We develop software solutions based on thermal imaging and radiometric data. Up to now, we have developed Thermal Studio, cutting-edge software for thermal imaging processing, analysis and reporting, distributed by Teledyne-FLIR, a leading thermal cameras manufacturer. With extensive experience, in 2020, we began working on a tool Thermal Web for automated photovoltaics inspections - an AI-based solution detecting solar panel defects from thermal images and generating sophisticated reports. The result of the project will be an integrated platform offering the service of automatic detection of faults of solar panels based on thermograms using self-developed neural network revolutionary algorithms. Thanks to the use of data from thermographic images, using artificial intelligence, anomalies occurring in solar panels will be automatically detected and classified. Thanks to the defect classification module, the user will be able to obtain information about the technical condition of individual panels, which will significantly improve the process of repair and replacement of photovoltaic systems. Thermal Web packs our modular solutions for report preparation, image processing and automated solar defect detection into a web application. A user can generate a report presenting all panel defects on an interactive map produced from obtained images right after an inspection. An inspector will conduct a UAV flight over a solar plant, gathering thermal images of photovoltaic panels. Then, he will process all the photos using a mobile device, such as a tablet, and generate an inspection report. This extremely efficient process gives users a chance to present data right after an inspection. The solution is a working prototype with most of the functions already available for a user.
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